These are the lyrics & some guitar chords to the songs on the new EP.

Truman’s Hat

The Story
As far as I was concerned growing up, Truman Capote was that funny little man who always showed up on talk shows and acted silly. When I finally learned to enjoy real books, it was hard to imagine that impish character on TV as the author of so many engaging and, frankly, moving stories. After he died, I read a biography of him on a friend’s couch one rainy weekend and discovered that the tiny one had started out as quite the charmer and worked his way well into ogredom by the time all was said and done. Why the transformation? Dunno.

© 2012 Presto MusiCo


I’ve Got A Feeling About You, Dear

The Story
There’s something to be said for those notions that arise at certain moments in smoky locales, perhaps even something to sing about. The best story, though, comes from the sorely missed Siddhu and concerns an adventure in an unfortunately dark discotheque in Milan. The punchline beats Lola anyday if you ask me.



Let’s Go Somewhere

The Story
On the run in the land of collards, their options were somewhat ill-defined yet not unattractive. What next?

The Words
When she takes her lipstick off
Mine are the lips she puts it on
We never thought it would look like this
It starts with a wink
And ends with the big kiss

Where do we go
When we walk around
You can’t catch a bus
In this little town
I just want to eat
And to wash my face
But people stare at us
Like we’re from outer space

Any way you want me to
I’ll be the one for you

We could go back to bed
Or we could go to a movie
Or we could choose a city
On your gas station map

Let’s go somewhere my darling
Let’s go somewhere my friend

I was asleep when the time zones changed
Her in the bathroom mirror so deranged
You may gain an hour but you lose a friend
At least there’re more to make in new orleans

If you touch me there again
They might throw us in jail

Let’s go somewhere my darling
Let’s go somewhere my friend

Let’s go somewhere where people are crazy
We’ll all dance like mad fools
Let’s go somewhere where we can be strangers
And we’ll fall in love again
Yes we’ll fall in love again

© 2012 Presto MusiCo



The Story
There was a song on the All-American Boy album entitled The Airport Giveth (The Airport Taketh Away) that may have had some subconscious influence here, but I’m not certain.

The Words
She flies away like a bird just untethered
While I’m standing here with my suitcase so weathered
Every appointment is written while smiling
But once turned away, the engagement’s forgotten

Many are heroes and some of them wounded
They sit in a row and you can’t see the bruises
So I take my place in a seat by the window
I think of her now as I think of her always

She came to me timidly like the first snowfall
I caught on my tongue in the pale blush of winter
I needed a blanket, I needed an elbow
She laughed at my joke and then wiped up the horror

Angels are sailboats, we take them for joyrides
Squandering the wind that was ours to begin with
The devil made airplanes I’d swear at this moment
For festering away the ill and unwanted
Just like me….

© 2012 Presto MusiCo


Such A Beautiful Bird (only available on CD)

The Story
For my birdling.

The Words
Such a beautiful bird
Such a beautiful bird
Such a beautiful bird

Why can’t you fly, are your wings just a myth?
I thought I saw them when you were blowing me a kiss
Maybe it was just the sunlight in your hair
Coming down to touch you every single where

Such a beautiful bird
Such a beautiful bird
Such a beautiful bird

© 2012 Presto MusiCo


Her Name Is Pretty

The Story
A silly yet heartfelt song that’s as much about the ill effects guilt and cigarettes can have on our bodies as it is about dancing in the kitchen while the Monkees play on the stereo. A delightfully confusing time.

The Words
Her name is pretty
and we know each other well
In fact we know each other weller
than anyone else thinks that we know
each other well that is

Her hair is very red
and her skin is very pale
Her eyes are like the secrets
that you tell when you’re in jail
I’ve got two litre dreams
and a case of missing wood
but it doesn’t mean that I don’t think
the things she does are good
just ask her

She’s loved a lot of men
but none of them were me
At least none of them were me
until one of them just happened to be me
you know, not one of them

Her humor’s very strange
her obsessions very strong
Her tape collection’s bigger
than the eggrolls in hong kong
I’ve got 200 bucks
and a bed that’s on the way
but it doesn’t look like I’ll be sleeping
as a team today
maybe tonight

Her name is pretty
and we know each other well
In fact we know each other weller
than anyone else thinks that we know
each other well

© 2012 Presto MusiCo


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