Now more than ever, there are very few REAL impediments to you making something and publishing it for the world to see – it’s cheap, it’s not technically complicated, you don’t even have to put pants on if you don’t want to. Just make something, and then put it out there, see what happens.
~ Jonathan Coulton


That pretty well sums up the purpose of this site. My goal was to put a new record out as easily as possible, and to help you do it too if that’s one of your goals. I started this project, and hoped to complete it, in 2009. But life got in the way as it so often does, and here we are three years later finally wrapping it up. Here it is:

The details about this project can be found in the first post, where I outline the grand overview of what I had in mind, not realizing at the time just what an ambitious undertaking (for one as unambitious as me) documenting everything would be.

Now, please don’t get the idea that this is some extravagant project that took three years to complete. Truly, all of the recordings and tutorials and artwork (by Mauricio Carey) were done quite quickly…I just got caught up with other projects and never got around to recording the vocals and doing the mixes, both of which were finished in less than a week once I was able to re-apply my focus.

That said, I’m still very fond of these little songs and like the idea of letting you know how easily you could do your own record, if you’re so inclined. Hopefully you’ll find some small inspiration here….

April 2012